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Our Expertise
CRE/Companies is here for all of your Commercial Real Estate needs. The following are areas of interest to support our clients' needs and achieve their goals. We look forward to helping meet yours. 

CAM Audits


Commercial tenants that are charged Common Area Maintenance (CAM) or Operating Expense Reimbursements (OER) have a right to audit and examine the expenses being passed through.

CRE/Companies is here to assist tenants and landlords understand the leases that bind them and ensure only allowable expenses are charged through to tenants.



Complex real estate leases requires a deeper understanding of the various issues at hand that may affect the parties for years to come.  CRE/Companies looks beyond the base rent and into the details of each lease.  We understand that the parties must live with the lease contract for years to come and we look forward to being by our clients each step of the way.

Property Management


Property & Asset Management is an essential part of the real estate cycle.  When done correctly and efficiently, superior Property & Asset Management benefits both Landlords and Tenants and ultimately its investors.  


CRE/Companies looks to increase efficiency, improve properties, while reducing costs to achieve the best available outcome for all parties.



The Acquisition and Disposition of commercial real estate can often be a daunting task.  Allow CRE/Companies to remove the fear and guess work from the process to allow for smoother faster transactions.  Our Advisers are experienced in coordinating with the various parties or processes involved often including attorneys, CPAs, 1031 exchanges, banks, and environmental agencies.



CREInvestors, a subsidiary of CRE/Companies, seeks to acquire opportunistic real estate investments with its partners to achieve realistic financial returns.



At the crux of everything we do at CRE/Companies is Analysis.  While there is no way to eliminate risks associated with real estate, we make our best efforts to mitigate risk through detailed Analysis and market research.


Through Analysis, we believe we can create a better commercial real estate environment for our clients and partners.

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