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CAM Audits

CAM (short for Common Area Maintenance) and OER (short for Operating Expense Reimbursements) are the commercial real estate industry's method of passing real estate operating costs onto tenants. These charges are most common in retail leases but are also seen in office and industrial real estate. 

CRE/Advisers' unique background and education in both landlord/owner property management and conversely tenant representation positions our firm to be among a select few capable of effectively auditing CAM/OER charges. This service is one of our most sought after as business owners and commercial tenants are always concerned whether they are being charged correctly.

CRE/Advisers will work directly with a tenant and their landlord to ensure that their clients are not being billed incorrectly. In many cases where the tenants are being over billed, CRE/Advisers is often able to recover significant refund on behalf of the tenants and reduce their total rent costs going forward. 

CRE/Advisers President, David Ahn, authored the article below for the Journal of Property Management describing the benefits of CAM audits for both Landlords and Tenants.

CAM Audits: Making Dollars and 'Cents' Of It All

(Journal of Property Management, March 2012)

CAM Audits Can Save Retailers Millions of Dollars

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